• “Working with Anja has been a true joy. Her vibrant spirit and deep knowledge combine to make her the a great resource in improving your health. I highly recommend choosing Anja for your health and nutrition needs. She is the best!”
  • “Anja is warm, knowledgeable in her field, and extremely generous with her kindness and support. I highly recommend anyone wanting to make a difference in their health, young and/or mature, to contact Anja and work with her. Not only she will be your coach and keep you accountable, but you will also have a new friend. Anja's heart is beautiful. Keep up your work, Anja. You are an inspiration to me!”
  • “I am so grateful for Anja's advice and expertise on healing my digestive system. When I had "gerd" I was feeling sick and losing weight. She correctly assessed my problem as the "gerd" medication that had been prescribed. With her continuing help my health is constantly improving.”
  • “Anja provided personalized health and wellness advice that I was able to easily incorporate into my daily routine and achieve my healthier lifestyle goals. My success was largely due to Anja's diverse training, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment provided me with what I needed to reach my goal. This not only had an impact on me, but my friends and family are now living a healthier lifestyle as well.”
  • “Anja took the time to listen and understand my goals and lifestyle and together we worked on a new plan to get to my optimal health. Anja's commitment level helped me stay on course and get back to the best shape that I've been in 20 years! I'd recommend Anja to EVERYONE who wants to take charge of their health.”
  • “Anja has helped me on my journey back to being more physically fit. She has helped me make better choices on what and how to eat. By providing me with both coaching and tools, Anja has helped me achieve both weight loss and better overall physical fitness.”
  • “Anja’s passion for good nutrition and overall wellness compelled me to make changes in my diet that I was never able to do on my own. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I always looked forward to learning more at our sessions.”
    Mary Jo