About Anja

Anja’s own rollercoaster journey with her health led her to become professional holistic nutritionist.

Experiencing the ups and downs of various medical conditions was the inspiration for creating a private practice as a wellness and nutrition counselor. Anja’s passion is helping others with digestive issues, mood swings, and low energy to return to the awesome healthy selves they deserve to be.

Among her professional credentials, Anja graduated summa cum laude from Hawthorn University in California as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. She’s also a Certified PiYo (Pilates and Yoga) Instructor and Functional Fitness Instructor. She incorporates these and other wellness approaches into her classes and her work with individual clients.


Anja’s story

Like many of her clients, Anja encountered a health crisis that made her feel helpless, stuck and desperate. Her journey to wellness included many twists and turns that brought her to the state of health and vitality she enjoys today. Her healing journey inspired her to become a professional holistic nutritionist. Anja’s passion is to help others finally get a hold of their health and stop taking certain medications for good.

In 2005 Anja moved with her family from California to Wisconsin, and her life took a turn that started a rollercoaster of health problems, depression, and feeling out of control over her own body. Eventually Anja was completely drained, having no energy to do anything beyond taking care of her family. Ultimately she slipped into a depression.

Putting her family’s needs before her own for so long, Anja realized something had to change. She turned to physical fitness as a way to focus on herself and it was working. She stopped taking antidepressants and learned that she absolutely loved encouraging others and motivating them on their journey to better health.


Hello sickness, my old friend

About five years later, as “healthy” as she was, Anja was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), hypothyroidism and megaloblastic anemia. She lost her energy again, felt bloated most of the time, and her nights were anything but restful. Her old friend depression was back.

After doctors, more medications and a diet that exacerbated her symptoms, Anja turned to a holistic nutritionist for help.


The turnaround

Anja’s nutritionist taught her about foods and nutrients and how they affected her body, including why some healthy foods were actually doing more damage than good.

Inspired by this profound experience, Anja realized that if she really wanted to help people live happier and healthier lives, she needed to expand her knowledge about health beyond just exercise.

She enrolled in the holistic nutrition program at Hawthorn University in California with a focus on helping people learn how their digestive health is inextricably connected to their brain health, which means the right nutrition is critical for our brains to function properly.

Anja’s focus is to offer her clients the opportunity to understand and support their own bodies so they, too, can learn how to turn their physical and mental health around, and experience their amazing lives again.


Core principles

Anja’s 5 core principles form the foundation of her journey with her clients:

    • Your health is not merely the absence of disease, but the balance of your body and mind.
    • For optimal health, together, we focus on your unique root-cause resolution, not just symptom-covering treatment.
    • You can feel fabulous with delicious foods and never need to deprive yourself to have the great health you deserve.
    • There is no ”one size fits all” approach – your body is unique, and therefore your wellness plan is tailored to your specific needs.
    • You have the capability to be in charge of your own health through food and lifestyle choices that support your body’s own healing abilities.

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